Shopify Omnichannel: Plan Your Own Omnichannel Retail Strategy


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Shopify Omnichannel: Sell Everywhere

If you are looking for one platform that lets you sell your products where your customers are – in-person, online, on social media, and everywhere in-between, look no further – Shopify is a perfect solution for you.
  • Online store: You can sell your products online by creating your own ecommerce website.
  • Point of Sale: You can sell your products in-person at pop-ups, retail locations, and more.
  • Buy Button: With the Shopify Buy Button, you can add ecommerce to any blog or website.
  • Sales Channels: You can sell on online marketplaces, social media, and more.
This is a great opportunity for you to get your products and your brand in front of more shoppers.
You can build your own online store and bring your products to life. With over 70 themes to choose from, you can build your dream website.
Shopify Point of Sale system allows you to improve your retail experience and elevate your in-person selling. You will be able to offer better shopping experiences, simplify store set up, manage all of your products, inventory, and customers.
By selling your products on social media, you can grow your audience and boost your sales by increasing awareness on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.
By selling your products on online marketplaces, you will be able to expand your reach and your business when you tap into the customer bases like eBay or Amazon.
Explore how Shopify can help you do more with your business – regardless of the type of products you sell.

Omnichannel Retail Strategy: What Is It and Why You Should Create One

An omnichannel retail strategy is a concept used by marketers, sales persons, and business owners. This concept provides customers with a fully-integrated experience by uniting user experiences from physical stores to mobile-browsing.
Omnichannel retail focuses on customer interactions and their experience of your brand.
When it comes to creating an omnichannel retail strategy, you should ask yourself these three questions:
  • Can my customers browse a product in the brick-and-mortar store, scan it with an app, and add to their shopping bag to purchase later at home?
  • Can my customers browse the online store for new products, explore new items on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and then get a coupon to redeem?
  • Does my data include in-store purchases so that customers get notifications when similar products are released?
Your customers should be able to do all of these things and more.
According to one research by Harvard Business Review showed that 7% of people shop online exclusively, 20% are store-only shoppers, and 73% use multiple channels.
Shoppers who engage on multiple channels make purchases more often.
Beyond having different options and multiple channels, shoppers love when an integrated omni-channel experience is available. As a matter of fact, customers interacting with an omni-channel experience spend 4% more in a physical store and 10% more on the web.
We can notice that the power of the omnichannel experience can boost sales dramatically.
Creating a more convenient transition from channel to channel can help you retain the majority of your customers.
One example is Amazon. They take their digital marketplace to the streets by creating an experience that flows seamlessly from online to offline. If you want, you can order your groceries directly on AmazonFresh and pick the items at local stores.
This experience oversteps huge barriers and allows shoppers to keep their shopping experience the same through the process. They no longer have to go to the local store, spend a few hours looking to buy. All they have to do right now is log in to Amazon website and order their groceries.

How to Create Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy

The first step in planning an omnichannel retail strategy lies in determining which platforms, devices, and mediums your potential customers use every day. You need to explore the places they like to shop, compare, review, hand out, and what experiences motivate them to purchase.
For example, if you think that none of your potential customers use Pinterest, there is no point in wasting your money to advertise on Pinterest.
One way to figure out popular channels for your business is by looking at the reports provided by Google Analytics. You can see which places are driving people to your store and how customers are discovering your brand.
All Shopify Plus users can add Attribution Connector feature. It will provide charts, graphs, analysis, pulling in cost data from advertising channels, and comparing the cost with customer activity. This is an in-depth customer view.
You can also see the path each customer took before purchasing. It will show you how much your customers are worth. The Attribution Connector will show you the multiple phones, devices, and apps customers use throughout the shopping journey.
Another major point to creating an omnichannel retail strategy is transforming each touchpoint into a shoppable one.
For example, if someone adds a product to their shopping cart from your website, it needs to be in their app too. If they use Facebook, they need suggested products based on their previous purchase.
With Shopify, you can integrate your online store into Facebook, allowing followers to check out quickly. You can use the same strategy on Pinterest and Instagram.

Final Words

Having an omnichannel strategy today seem like a normal thing. The majority of shoppers hit several touchpoints before deciding to purchase something.
Limiting yourself to one or two sales channels can be detrimental to your business success and long-term growth.
Allow Shopify to take care of your omnichannel sales and help you create the perfect omnichannel strategy for your business.
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